How did I develop the pricing for my doll? 

Usually, I use a basic commission fee plus base doll, hair (original or rerooted), body type and eye chips. The price depends on each doll

Do I take commission?

I do not accept commission in this moment but if you  can waiting 3 -12 months, I'm happy to work on your project doll.

Trade / Partial trade ? 
I do trade only 2 dolls per year ^_^


Incase you are really sure to 

 you want Asian girl, Angry girl , Smily girl or just cute. Let me know your wish but not remind me with my any previous girl.

I will do custom in your detail and send personal photo's to you before public post, If my girl is fit you then you can take directly or if the girl is not fit you just waiting for the next one until you get your dream girl. ( So it can be 2 weeks - 1 years to waiting )

Layaway ( instalment )

I do always accept layaway, Usually you can find directly on the list option.